Our History

A year after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, in 1862 the company Pellegatta was founded, producing custom furniture for the Milanese nobles who lived on Lake Como in the summer. Soon the quality and beauty of the artifacts make the name “Fratelli Pellegatta” famous and the artisan workshop, year after year, sees the growth of customers, delivering their furniture in many cities, from Milan to Turin to Switzerland and the Cote^ d’Azur in France.

Our mission

… Pellegatta produces furniture so everyone feels pleased and completed by the environment in which they live.

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, the very heart of the emotions lived over time, the mirror of our own soul and the place where one can grow.. It expresses the inner world of those who inhabit it.

We start from here to produce our furniture, with the same skills and passion that have guided us for over 160 years

We realize children’s bedrooms for both boys and girls, as well as double bedrooms and furnishing accessories with high quality materials: solidity, durable over time and so more environmentally friendly because our production is not a disposable one.

Creating a “unique piece”, handmade in many stages of processing, requires capable people, trained in time to a craft and passionate about their work. A sustainable world is also made up of happy people, proud of the mobile “beautiful and well-made” furniture that comes out of their hands, a “small world” carefully cared for.