Quality comes from the hands

Each of our items is handmade by skilled master craftsmen who give a unique taste to each piece that is produced. The high percentage of manual processing makes the furniture a” unique piece “ different from all the others. A piece of furniture that, over time, will continue to give aesthetic and functional satisfaction.
Turning, carving, sanding, decoration, antiquing, fixing are just some of the processes to create a Pellegatta furniture.

A room truly yours!

A prestigious room, completely handmade, allows flexibility in the choices of construction
and finishes. All the elements of our rooms can be modified according to the size of your
room, the layout of the furniture and personal taste. The decoration of the name is a very appreciated detail, ask us for a simulation on the product of your choice and we will be happy to show you a sample.

We give emotions

Those who buy a bedroom are looking for a dream, a special place, a place of positive experiences, a corner of pleasant memories in a romantic atmosphere. But the bedroom is also a place to grow up, to express your creativity and personality, among the people you love.

Our master craftsmen are able to transform a sleeping area into a dream experience, a special place to find feelings and aspirations.

Ancient processes and certified ecological materials

The tradition of” handmade ” does not prevent us from following innovation, to make everything more functional. The products used to paint and decorate our furniture are free from heavy metals and undergo scrupulous checks to ensure a safe and healthy place to live. The European legislation , at the forefront of the world, is the criterion that guides our choices of supply and safety.

Pellegatta Mobili has been committed for years to the theme of Environmental Respect, both by using less invasive plants and processing techniques, and by raising awareness of suppliers and collaborators.The Timbers used come from certified forests, whose reforestation is rigidly controlled. For this we choose only FSC suppliers.

Furniture that lasts over time guarantees respect for Natural Resources, threatened by “disposable”consumption (and production).